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Poultry with stuffing

Menu: Hoofdgerecht
Allergenen: Egg, Dairy, Gluten


A classic dish packed with flavour for special occasions. Delicious hot or cold, this stuffed chicken is guaranteed to be everyone's favourite. Get ahead by making the stuffing in advance.

vegetable oil 2 tbs
chicken 1.20 kg
salt 1 tsp

For the filling:
salt 1 pinch
eggs 2 pcs
milk 5 tbs
onions 1 pcs
parsley 2 sprigs
nutmeg 1 pinch
pepper 1 pinch
green bell pepper 1 pcs
bread rolls 2 pcs
cooked ham 4 slices


Clean the poultry and remove the giblets. Oil the meat and salt to taste.

Prepare the filling. Cube the bread rolls and sprinkle them with parsley. Add ham, sliced bell pepper, and sautéed onion. Pour beaten eggs mixed with milk over the bread. Form the stuffing and season to taste.

Stuff the poultry. Add 1-2 dl water and baste the poultry with the juices it releases during roasting.

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